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Hello world!

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Welcome to our blog, Redivision of the World. It is dedicated to presenting our analysis and views of world politics and major trends therein to the general (engligh-speaking) public. To add spice that will set us slightly apart from the myriad of other political blogs out there, the views expressed herein will have a distinct Russia flavour. In other words, world developments will be criticially analyzed through the prism of what they mean for Russia. Why? We feel that current news as presented by major corporate and government news outlets worldwide almost always contains substantial bias that frequently colors its meaning to suit the presenter’s deeper interests. While we do not wish to say we lack any sort of bias – after all, we’ve intentionally added “view from Russia” to make it clear to everyone where we’re coming from – there is a major difference between “massaging the figures” to steer the herd in the direction you want it to think, and laying it bare for all to see and make their own conclusions.

Did any of you take offence at being called a herd? Well, you shouldn’t. We’re all a mass of sheep, one way or another. But we prefer to be a very informed herd, that is able to understand where the herdmaster is headed and why, and decide to play by the rules (or not) on our own accord. Feel free to join, ahem, our herd 🙂