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Caught :( - 326/365

Caught 😦 – 326/365 (Photo credit: tranchis)


Hey everybody! Its been a while since this blog has been updated, and we appreciate your patience. Our English-speaking “voice” was decommissioned due to the regular autumn bug. Thanks for all the get well wishes 🙂




The weekly video review #47, due last week, will be posted shortly, to be followed by #48 which has just been released in Russian. Stay tuned!




Some of the topics covered in the video:

– Protests in Libya

– French publish cartoon of Mohammed but ban nude pics of Kate Middleton: freedom of speech?

– Interview with El-Murid and the forces behind the “Innocence of Islam” provocation

– Tortured prisoners in Georgia: Russia’s Putin as the uber scapegoat?



I’ve spent half an hour trying to figure out why wordpress posts wrong videos, and failed. Since I can’t get the right link to work, here’s a workaround: copy the link below into a separate browser tab or window and hit enter to load. It should show the proper youtube channel with the english language Weekly Video Review #44 clip.


Sorry for the trouble!


Shot of the week #44

Posted: September 14, 2012 in video
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We have decided to have the shot of the week section of the weekly review video as a stand alone clip, to separate news analysis from our often sarcastic and cynical sense of humor 🙂

Terror in Syria, Dagestan, Lybia and its reflections in Russia

Weekly Review #41

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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HI all, the new video is up, and you can watch it right here!

WARNING: the ending of this video clip contains graphic footage of people being blown up. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.