About this Blog

What is this blog about?

Sharing. We aim to share our analysis, views and thoughts on world events from a (hopefully) unbiased, unpaid, uninfluenced view point, which is becoming more and more rare in this era of corporate and government regulated  media.

No doubt there are many decent and downright excellent independent political blogs out there. We are not looking to compete with anyone or to prove an obscure point; the idea behind this blog is to add to the growing number of voices worldwide, crying out against an increasing lack of true down to earth journalism in its original form – one that was meant to inform and report the thinking public, and not to influence and control minds. And sure, if we manage to wake some sleeping minds up, well, that just makes out job better done.

The posts and videos appearing on these pages are a collective effort of several people. We see no particular point in highlighting our authors’ biographies. We come from many walks of life and some cannot afford to have an opinion attached to their name that differes from the official dogma of their respective workplace. Others feel there is little enough privacy left as it is, and so there is no need to show off even more.  I am sure each and every one of the people who work on the materials contained herein do this for their own reasons. Lets just leave it at that 🙂

Also, as the even not so attentive reader will no doubt quickly notice, this blog’s nationality is Russian, and views and expressed herein are predominantly coming from a Russian perspective (hence the name, duh). This in no way means that we are Russia-centric or Russia-biased, but only that  the analysis presented will often contain opinions allowing the reader to see world events from a Russian viewpoint. This is neither good or bad. After all, we are all entitled to an opinion, and readers are advised, always, to have their own opinion. We’ll supply (some of) the food for thought, to ensure such opinion does not fall under undue influence of the corporate mass media, regardless of their nationality.

We value open minds. Regardless whether you agree or disagree with anything you will find posted here, keep an open mind, use the blog to get alternative information, expand your viewpoints, and form informed opinions. Thats all there it is to it. And dont forget to comment 🙂


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