Weekly Video Review #47: Special Edition. Ghadaffi’s Death Revisited

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Middle East, Politics, Terror, video, World News
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Today’s special edition will focus on the following topics:

* New events leading up to Ghadaffi’s death

* Who really murdered Ghadaffi, and why? Is he really dead?

* How is this connected to the murder of Ambassador Stevens?…

* … and the upcoming US presidential elections?




PS. The reason there are so few links in this post is because there is no one else reporting on Ghadaffi’s murder. Corporate media cover up? You decide.

  1. Thanks for spreading the word, Gary. Note that there is almost no info about this anywhere. We can’t help but wonder… its not that hard to piece the evidence together.

  2. […] Redivision of the World Bani Walid, Chris Stevens, Gaddafi, Mahmoud Jibril, Misrata, Mohammed Yousef al-Magref, Omran […]

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