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Caught :( - 326/365

Caught 😦 – 326/365 (Photo credit: tranchis)


Hey everybody! Its been a while since this blog has been updated, and we appreciate your patience. Our English-speaking “voice” was decommissioned due to the regular autumn bug. Thanks for all the get well wishes 🙂




The weekly video review #47, due last week, will be posted shortly, to be followed by #48 which has just been released in Russian. Stay tuned!







I’ve spent half an hour trying to figure out why wordpress posts wrong videos, and failed. Since I can’t get the right link to work, here’s a workaround: copy the link below into a separate browser tab or window and hit enter to load. It should show the proper youtube channel with the english language Weekly Video Review #44 clip.


Sorry for the trouble!


Shot of the week #44

Posted: September 14, 2012 in video
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We have decided to have the shot of the week section of the weekly review video as a stand alone clip, to separate news analysis from our often sarcastic and cynical sense of humor 🙂

Terror in Syria, Dagestan, Lybia and its reflections in Russia

Latest weekly video review from the Redivision of the World Project.

What is the bigger threat for Assad – chemical weapons or eggplant grenades? Is there an end to the Egyptian revolution? Why is Russia losing the fight against Wahhabism? All this and more in tomorrow’s edition of the Weekly Review.